Our Values and Philosphy


  • All children deserve a strong sense of belonging.

  • All children are supported to build and maintain strong meaningful, long lasting relationships

  • All children have the right to feel safe, secure and supported

  • All children are valued as unique individuals with different learning styles and strengths

  • All children are active contributors to their learning

  • All children have the right to live a full and productive life in a nurturing environment


  • In capturing children’s learning and sharing this with families
  • In interactions with the local community

  • Relationships with families are established and maintained, providing a family like atmosphere

  • That all families are encouraged to be a part of their child’s day and accommodate where possible to their child’s individual needs.

  • All families are encouraged to share their culture, language and beliefs.


  • In a positive indoor/outdoor environment which is welcoming, inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities.
  • In an environment with built and natural resources that provokes thought and imagination.
  • In providing a safe and hygienic environment.

  • To enrich children’s awareness of the environment and a sense of connection to the natural world.
  • In respecting the environment and continuing to develop sustainable practices into our daily routine.

  • In acknowledging the traditional land owners and embedding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into culture into our environment.


  • In encouraging children’s interests and ideas and using them to guide the program

  • Our program caters for all diverse learning styles

  • In encouraging all areas of learning and development

  • In valuing children to have a growth mindset and developing resilience.

  • It is important to incorporate the children’s voice in our programming and through daily routine.

  • In providing and promoting rich multicultural learning experiences.

  • In promoting independence.

  • In providing and promoting rich multicultural learning experiences.


  • Further education is valued for all.

  • Reflective Practice is embedded as a way of further learning.

  • Teamwork and communication are vital skills.

  • In creating a learning enriched environment.

  • In respectful relationships and we value diversity.

  • Encourage safe risk taking.

  • It is important to promote continuity of educators and coordinators at the service and staff are encouraged to share their skills and support one another.

  • Educators to document the children’s voice within our programming.